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You know what would have made perfect sense, and, at the same time, explained why Derek was the king on Stiles’ chessboard?

If Derek had caught the Nogitsune in the Nemeton jar instead of Isaac.

I’m just saying.   

"Wow. Yeah. Huh. Shoulda thought of that"—never uttered by Jeff Davis. Ever.

my bff and i texted this exact thing to each other while watching the ep

we both totally thought that was where all that was leading

because apparently we’ve never watched Teen Wolf before





that police guy from teen wolf looks like the love child of tom hiddleston and steve rogers


at first i looked at this like “oh look tom hiddleston” but then i was like “oh no thats chris evans” wHat iS hapPenning


loki and captain america had a baby??


I’m so fucking upset about this. How am I supposed to tell my parents that their 23 year old won’t be graduating college? They’re already disappointed that I didn’t graduate last spring; this will just piss them off. How am I supposed to tell my family this? Fuck, my godmother had her trip here all planned out and my aunt had a trip to see other family planned, which she then had to cancel because graduation is that weekend. Other family members have put in requests to have work off that day and now there’s no reason for them to even take off. Now they have to make plans all over again for August. Once again, I’ve screwed shit up.

This is all my fault anyway. I’m the one that chose this major and minor. And I’m the one that didn’t say anything the first moment I realized how much I hated it and hated this school. It’s my fault that I’m in this situation. Why the fuck did I even let it get this far? What the fuck is wrong with me? But even when I did finally say something a few months ago I was ignored. And this just make sit worse. If I can’t even get a bachelor’s degree in something I hate at 23 then how do I expect to go and get another degree in something I like???

Now I have to get through this week of studying, Easter weekend, and then finals without having a total meltdown. I’ve already spent the past hour crying.